Kent Poorhouses & Workhouses

The purpose of this website is to provide information on Kent parish poorhouses and Kent Poor Law Unions, including some of the records available. The following topics are covered and more detail on each can be found by using the various links. Information relating to Poor Law Union Records can be found under ‘Union Records’ in the Menu Bar.

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Parish Poorhouses

This section has details on how each parish provided accommodation for their poor, whether within the parish or elsewhere.

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Parish Unions Prior to 1834

This section provides information about those parishes who combined together to provide accommodation for their poor in one large poorhouse/workhouse.

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Poor Law Unions (from 1834)

This section has general information on Kent Poor Law Unions with links to detailed information on each Union.

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Kent Union Maps & Their Parishes

This section has maps of each Kent Union with a list of their parishes.

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Institutions used by Kent Unions

This section has a list of some of the many specialist institutions used by the Kent Unions.

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Surnames from Transcribed Records

This section has a list of the surnames of individuals mentioned in various Kent Union records. A more detailed searchable index is on