Union Records ~ Settlement

The parish in which someone was settled (rather than where they resided) was very important as they could be removed to their parish of settlement if they needed relief from the Union. If there was a dispute as to their settlement (which there frequently was as the parish would incur the cost of their relief) then this could generate many records as each side tried to prove that the person did not belong to them. Agreement could be reached between the Unions for the person to remain in their parish of residence but with the parish of settlement paying the expense of their relief.

Admission and Discharge Register (A&D)

Mention may be made in these records that the person admitted did not belong to the Union or that on discharge they had been removed to another Union.

Minutes of the Board

Depending on the Union references can be found in these records to the examination of persons receiving or requesting relief where the Union has a query over whether they can claim settlement within their Union or whether their settlement is elsewhere.


These records can contain correspondence about people claiming relief, including the individuals themselves, the Unions and others who have taken an interest in the welfare of the person. They can provide personal information, such as marriages, and details of any children.

Financial Ledgers

These may detail the amounts repaid to Officers of the Board for the expenses incurred in returning people to their place of settlement and also legal expenses.

Settlement Case Papers

A large amount of paperwork could be produced when a settlement case was heard before a Magistrate. The testimony of the person being examined as to their settlement could include such details as their employment history and the settlement of their parents. There could also be supporting documentation.